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Spring Is Around The Corner

Spring Is Around The Corner

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on January 30th 2014

The eco-friendly wood and finishes expert Osmo UK's  slip resistant finish for wooden decking,  named Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil to emphasize that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It has been designed to not only protect the decking but also to offer a safer decking all year round.

Protection of the surface includes prevention of mould, algae and fungal attack. The Anti-Slip Decking Oil is an oil based finish which provides a durable finish which also provides a safer environment through a reduced risk of slipping. It is a clear, satin finish which has provides a low level of UV protection which helps to protect against and slow down the natural greying process.

Decking takes a battering all year round from the sun, rain wind and even snow and to be able to eliminate the issue of slipping it's best to use anti-slip decking oil.  This product  has devised a special finish, with the required anti-slip properties, which suits Osmo's low-solvent content philosophy and, once applied to outdoor decking, is comfortable to walk on.

Osmo’s new Anti-Slip Decking Oil is based on a blend of renewable vegetable oils together with anti-slip particles. These remain on the surface of the wooden decking and combine with the decking giving it a unique anti-slip grip. Walking  bare foot on the decking is still possible because the surface is not unpleasant to the touch.

Like all Osmo natural oil finishes the decking-oil penetrates deeply into the pores and fibres of the wood, providing a beautiful finish and a long lasting level of protection from within the timber itself. It offers protection against the growth of slimy wood moulds and algae, and consequently helps the decking to provide a natural, non-slip surface.

High quality wooden decking manufactured by Osmo is also available pre-finished with the chosen wood oil and this simply requires a single top coat of Anti-Slip Decking Oil upon installation. For existing wooden decking which already has suffered with green mould growth, then wooden deck should be cleaned with Osmo Gard Clean before applying the exterior wood oil and the anti-slip decking oil top coat.

The Osmo anti-slip decking oil is an oil based, clear, satin finish for use on exterior wood, especially suitable to decking. It is recommended as top coat please use a colour pigmented first coat such as Osmo Natural oil woodstain. The anti-slip decking oil increases the durability of the surface, protects against mould, algae, and fungal attack, and reduces the risk of slipping. The surface is also water, weathering resistant and provides limited UV protection. The Osmo anti-slip decking oil can be used as a top coat to increase the durability of a pigmented first coat, or with 2 coats it will provide a stand-alone finish. Osmo anti-slip decking oil will not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is easy to apply, will not dry during application (no brush marks) and is easy to renew (just apply a further coat).

For further details on the Osmo decking oil and pre-finished hardwood decking then please contact the Source Wood Floors sales and technical team on 08456 021781.


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