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Ten Hardwood Flooring Trends

Ten Hardwood Flooring Trends

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on December 30th 2012

Ten hardwood flooring trends


  • This is a key quality and there are various ways to find it: Distressed, handscraped, wide-planked and exotic hardwood flooring all provide charm and aesthetic beauty, combined with an authentic feel.

Handscraped hardwood flooring

  • Handscraped hardwood floors are a sign of rich heritage, providing an authentic aged look that’s a pleasure to walk on.

Wide-width wood planks

  • Hardwood flooring from the 1800s was significantly wider than today’s products because trees were more mature when they were harvested at that time, giving a thicker plank. It has become popular to reform to this style, which gives a timeless feel to flooring.

Distressed finish

  • Distressed hardwood flooring is back in vogue. The appearance of worn, used and aged wood flooring gives a stylish and unique finish.

Exotic hardwood floors

  • Exotic wood flooring is a luxurious choice which makes your house feel and appear natural and majestic. The recent popularity in this option has also seen more local manufacturers creating exotic style wood flooring by baking and dying woods. This has the bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Hard finishes

  • Hard finishes are sprayed on and baked, which results in a deep colour and shine and a great floor to walk on. Hard finishes increase durability and toughness, and take very little time to dry.

Engineered wood flooring

  • Engineered wood flooring is made up of at least three plies of wood laminated to form one plank. This style is becoming more popular than solid wood flooring because it doesn't require repeated sanding. Engineered wood flooring is easily installed and provides the aesthetics of solid wood flooring without the cost.


  • Recent years have seen a surge in environmental awareness and this is reflected across the wood flooring industry. Hardwood flooring is being designed to mimic exotic and rare flooring styles. Hardwood flooring products these days are sustainably produced, thereby preserving the environment.


  • There is a wide variety of hardwood flooring colours to choose from including white, brown black and red. It’s also possible to stain the flooring yourself using a colour of your choice to make sure you get the exact look that you want to express your personality.


  • Value goes beyond getting the cheapest product on the market. Hardwood flooring is a long term investment and cheaper products often require much more maintenance. Paying a little more for a high quality product means that you’ll spend less in the long run.

Source Wood Floors offers a comprehensive range of high quality wood flooring products, including products that fit all of the 10 trends above.


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