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Why Wood Flooring?

Why Wood Flooring?

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on August 15th 2012

This has been partly fuelled by the growth in laminate products, which were introduced as a cheap replacement for carpet and gave people a taste for hard floor covering in areas other than the kitchen or bathroom.

However, within a fairly short space of time laminates become 'tired', damaged or simply do not live up to customer expectations and so end up in landfill. Wood floors offer the real thing - not a repetitive photographic image under plastic and the hollow 'clip clop' sound of plastic floors.

Choose a hardwood floor for your home or business and you are investing in a product that will last a lifetime. There are lots of reasons to love wood floors. Not only are they a beautiful addition to any home or commercial premises - they add value, are easy to maintain and are hyper-allergenic. No other flooring offers the warmth, natural beauty, durability, practicality and value of wooden floors.

If that's not reason enough, hardwood flooring is also a healthy option - for you, your family and for the environment too.


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