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Wood Floors, Dogs, Kids And Teenagers

Wood Floors, Dogs, Kids And Teenagers

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on March 13rd 2011

This week the blogs are going to be about dogs, kids and teenagers! 

PART 1 DOG PROOF YOUR FLOORS! Most of us have a dog, and so this is just another factor to help you on your way to thinking that wood floors are a MUST. Will the wood floor be up to the job? Well of course, if the floor is maintained and cleaned correctly, it can last a lifetime and more! Not so with a carpet, it’s  never ending trying to get the stains or marks out, especially in the hallway! Wood will mark and is not impervious to wear and tear but the wearing of wood floors can really be a positive thing, it ages and gains character and the floor that you choose to put down then becomes over time an integral part of the house. 

But there are a few simple do’s and don’ts that can help you prolong the life of your floor and keep it looking great. Wood floors are stylish and practical, and they're easy to clean. So, while having a dog is a joy and most rewarding, some of you have been through the horrors of house-training, the odd urine accidents and the odour can linger long after the stain has gone, causing an unpleasant scent! And many dog owners choose hardwood over carpet to make cleaning up after their pets easier. Dog urine stains on carpet can be difficult to remove, especially if they are old stains that have set. Wood floors tend to be durable, but dog urine can still cause problems if not removed from the wood immediately,so save time and effort by cleaning up quickly! Old dog urine stains on wood floors are also removable, although it requires more work than removing a fresh stain.  

Sometimes your lovely pooch can scratch the floor with long toenails; deep scratches can mar the floors. Removing these marks can be done but it  is easier to protect than repair hardwood floors. So here are tips to stop pooch paws from scratching floors. When your dog comes home from a walk in the park make sure to clean the bottom of all four paws so that the dirt wont ruin or mark the floor, keep the nails trimmed to avoid scratches and scuffs, maybe place a rug in the hallway, and if you keep your bowl on the wood floor, maybe put a mat underneath to protect from the inevitable spills and slobber that happens at the watering hole! Something moisture proof is a good bet.

But hey, we English love our dogs, and if you get a scratch or mark on your floor, it is part and parcel of having a wooden floor,  and certainly having a distressed flooring is a good bet so if scratching does occur it won’t stand out, in fact it will fit right in with the style! There you have it, one more reason to encourage your purchase of a good wood floor from Source wood flooring  for your home. You will love it and so will the dogs! So check out our great range of Solid Wood Flooring. And check out our blog about Wood floor care and maintenance. For inspiration take a look at our wood flooring collections at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk.


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