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Wood Floors And Teenagers

Wood Floors And Teenagers

Posted in Wood Flooring News by Source on March 26th 2011
Part 3 TEENAGER PROOF OR WOOD FLOORS! Whether your children are still young or  teenagers with attitude, wood flooring is a fantastic choice for their floor. There's something for every kids taste. A lot of the time, teenagers are either easy or difficult and some of the time they have no real concern for your beautiful floor! – whether they be of an age where they’re likely to drop drinks, food or half the contents of their handbags or rucksack and at that age where they’re more likely to stagger in at 2am and deposit the entire contents of the fridge onto the kitchen floor whilst attempting to make a piece of toast. Most teenagers like to have an accumulation of all the cups/crockery and glasses in their bedrooms and then when shouted at try to bring the whole lot down in one go, result, much mess on the floor and not too much in the dishwasher. High heels and stilettos. It will be quite apparent that heels and stilettos will leave small circular indentations on the wood floor, regardless or of quality, type or finish. It is probably one of the harder things to ask your teenage daughters, and that is not to wear high heels or stilettos in the house. Probably the only time that will happen is when their trying to creep back in from a late night. BUT it is a must that they take their shoes off before traipsing across your beautiful wood floor, day or night!

If you decide to have a wood floor then you have to accept that living with teenagers, it will pick up the odd mark,  bikes in the hallway etc: are all pretty fierce sometimes  and they have no appreciation of the beautiful wooden floors, but it’s a personal decision and it’s different for everyone And if the worse comes to the worse you can sand a wood floor back to bare wood and start again!

Teenagers Bedrooms Wood flooring is a perfect floor for teenager’s bedroom! The amount of stuff the gather is impressive and most of it ends up on the floor. It’s a difficult task for most parents to keeps carpets clean at the best of times but the beauty of a wood floor is the ability to have the bedroom looking reasonably clean without too much effort.

So, Spillages will they ruin my wood floor? It is a good idea to avoid liquid coming into contact with your wooden floor, you wouldn’t let it happen on your carpet, but it does, but what if it does? With the best will in the world, it’s inevitable that there will be the odd spillage. So how will it affect your wood floor? Your lovely teenager spills the drink on the floor, and of course it will not actually do your floor any damage, but the key to it all is to clean it up immediately, as if it’s left, it will evaporate and leave a water mark. But provided you clean up as you go and try not to leave liquid on the floor, you shouldn’t have a problem. In short, just do what you would normally do! If  you want a beautiful, natural, living, breathing floor in your home, then you want wood, and a  new wood floor can represent a significant investment, so it’s perfectly understandable that you should want it to retain as much of its beauty as possible. Take a look at the amazing wood floors that we have and give us a call if you need any help.


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