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Are You An Architect Looking For Engineered Wood Flooring?

Are You An Architect Looking For Engineered Wood Flooring?

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on May 8th 2013
Engineered wood floors are made up of 3 to 12 layers of ply. They are cross layered and then glued and pressed together. While the inner core layer is made of either a hardwood or softwood ply, a thick hardwood layer is placed on the top which provides the stunning appearance of real wood floors.

Create Your Personal Space With Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a popular furnishing choice as it is more resistant to high moisture levels compared to solid wood flooring. Therefore you have the option to install this kind of flooring in rooms which have comparatively higher humidity levels such as basements and bathrooms. This is a key advantage of using engineered wood. It does not limit your design ideas due to the small limitations of real wood flooring. Another advantage of using engineered wood flooring is that they can be directly glued over concrete slabs. They can even be stapled down over an older wooden floor.

Source Wood Floor’s Wooden Flooring Options

The engineered wood flooring available comes in different measurements of thickness, from 14mm to 21mm; ensuring you can order a design which is best suited to your property. On the website you can view all the design options available, in different materials, colours and finishes. Alongside the conventional engineered wood flooring for sale is solid engineered and parquet wood flooring. Your options are seemingly endless at Source Wood Floors. There are countless services and supplies available which allow you to order the ideal and bespoke wooden flooring for you. To make an enquiry please call 0845 602 1781


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