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Carpet Vs Wood Flooring

Carpet Vs Wood Flooring

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on June 18th 2012

The decision between hardwood floor or carpets is a choice which more and more people are facing today.  While carpet is undoubtedly a cosy alternative, there are many great reasons for choosing hardwood flooring for your project.  Thinking of doing away with that old, worn out carpet and replacing it with wooden flooring? If so, you'll have a choice between solid wood and engineered wood. Now that carpets are becoming outdated, more homeowners are opting for wood flooring thanks to its ability to add colour, warmth and texture to rooms, and just like a fine wine, wood floors tend to get better with age.

The same cannot be said of a carpet which, as well as being high maintenance and attracting unsavoury things such as dirt and dust mites, tend to get worn out and scuffed sooner rather than later. Although weekly carpet cleaning can be carried out efficiently and effectively with a regular vacuum cleaner, deep cleaning of carpet is a much more in-depth and specialist job than thorough cleaning of hardwood flooring.  Deep cleaning of hardwood flooring can be simply and effectively carried out using a damp mop and an appropriate floor cleaner (if it’s really needed).

In the hardwood floor or carpet argument, hardwood flooring is recognised as a particularly attractive solution for anyone suffering from dust related allergies, as hardwood floors don’t hold dust particles like carpet does.  What this means is that allergy sufferers can live in the peace of mind that they are not living in an environment which will aggravate their condition. Hardwood floors are really popular with pet owners too.  Anyone with pets will be only too aware of the advantages offered by hardwood flooring versus carpet.  Dog and cat hairs as well as muddy footprints and “little accidents” and bugs can be simply and effectively vacuumed and mopped away without any long lingering traces or nasty, tell-tale smells or odours. There is also the choice for an unfinished wooden floor, which is arguable the best choice for a kitchen. This is because it can be sealed after it has been fitted, which will help protect it from spills and splashes synonymous with preparing meals and pouring drinks.

So, if you’re someone who likes to change your interior regularly as well as keeping ahead with hygiene, then the choice between hardwood floor and carpet is a no-brainer for you.  At the end of the day, with a carpet, the only option to change the look of your floor is to change the carpet, with a hardwood floor, you can colour it, stain it, distress it or age it, the choices are huge. Finally, and although in itself, not necessarily a good reason to choose hardwood flooring over carpet, there are strong indicators that by choosing hardwood flooring for your home, you could see an increase in (at least) its saleability, and most probably its value.

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