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Create A Unique Bespoke Floor

Create A Unique Bespoke Floor

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on June 29th 2012

At Source Wood Floors we make every effort to allow you to express yourselves. We believe that floors are an integral part of the interior design of a building and they shouldn’t be overlooked because of the supposed difficulty that comes along with customising them. This is why we have an entire section of our website dedicated to creative and bespoke floors. Through this you can choose to create wooden flooring that has brighter and more unique colours as well as stains that will make the wood look like an antique. By investing in some samples of stains and unfinished engineered wood flooring you can begin to experiment which might lead to an entirely new style. What is certain is that this won’t break the bank and it could yield a very unique look that makes your home or commercial space a talking point because of its uniqueness.

We have an entire range of different stain samples that can be bought for as little as £5.45. These can allow you to cover a wide range of different engineered hardwood floor samples in order to create a partial floor. This can allow you to see what the finished article might look like in the context of the room.

Many people want to access professional finishing when they’ve experimented with the look. If you contact us, we can do all of the finishing to our exacting standards through our pre-finishing service. This can allow you to emulate designers without paying the same exorbitant price!


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