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Exposure To Sunlight: Wood Flooring

Exposure To Sunlight: Wood Flooring

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on February 25th 2012
>A wood floor loses lustre and colour through direct exposure to sunlight. You must choose curtains or blinds that will prevent direct access to sun rays on the floor. Going for translucent material will allow sufficient light to come in the house. You will find, when it comes to hardwood floors, you have to keep a check on how much natural light they get.

Excessive sunlight may harm your wood flooring, causing the wood to fade, disintegrate or become discoloured. It is possible to stop this from occurring simply by using curtains or window blinds to restrict the level of sunlight your wooden floors receive. You can even go the extra mile and coat your windows with UV protection to minimise sun damage.

Sunlight can cause oak hardwood flooring to fade over a prolonged period of time but couples can prevent this from happening by putting up blinds and curtains. Oak hardwood flooring can be damaged in various ways, with the sun's UV rays one of the most serious threats. The best way to keep these harmful rays off oak flooring is to invest in suitable blinds and curtains and reducing the amount of sunlight the floor is exposed to. Over time sunlight can discolour your hardwood flooring so use  blinds and curtains to protect your flooring at the time of day when it may be exposed.

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