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Furlong Wood Flooring Majestic and Emerald

Furlong Wood Flooring Majestic and Emerald

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on August 24th 2015
Are you a homeowner who wants to beautify your home with the elegant, warm and inviting ambiance of an oak floor board? The oak tree is a very versatile wood that has an even graining for a light and fine-textured appearance. Look no further, the Furlong Wood Flooring range of woods and finishes has the right type of material that you are looking for. The floors that Furlong wood flooring provides are stylish, durable, and grow in value as time goes by.

Why Should You Pick Furlong Wood Flooring?

Furlong Emerald Wood Flooring

The Furlong Emerald Wood Flooring line has been milled to give your home sophistication and elegance. This line of Furlong wood flooring consists of a veneer with a thickness of 3mm, followed by layers made up of pine or spruce. It is bound together as a floating floor. UV oil or UV lacquer is used as material for pre-finishing. All four sides are micro-bevelled. It is apt for underfloor heating. Sanding is not required, producing less mess. The installation process is tongue and groove, where the longer side fits smoothly into the shorter side, and thus creating no gaps.This may be challenging compared to click to fit, but it nonetheless assures you of seamless wood floors.

Furlong Majestic Wood Flooring

The Furlong Majestic Wood Flooring was designed for practicality and brings a stylish feel to your home. This line of Furlong Wood Flooring is a single strip with 4mm veneer. It is built with a locking system to produce a floating
floor. Either UV lacquer or brushed UV oil is used to pre-finish it. All four sides are micro-bevelled. Just like the Emerald Wood Flooring it is also compatible for underfloor heating. It does not require sanding thereby preventing generation of dirt. Moreover, the Majestic is easier to install as it utilises click fit system, where the planks easily click and lock. As such, installation may be done by yourself with ease.

Shop Furlong and other wood flooring products at Source Wood Floors today!

Several factors may affect one's decision in picking the right type of wood flooring. It is important for you to carefully go over all your options before making a purchase. Plus, knowing that you get a 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer, Furlong Wood Flooring is definitely worth every penny you spend.

Here at our online store, we make sure that you have the choices ready. Call us for enquiries and our experts will be more than happy to give you your much needed advice.


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