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How to Choose the Best Wood Floor for Your House

How to Choose the Best Wood Floor for Your House

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on February 2nd 2015
A house is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. So when it comes to choosing the materials, it is understandable that you would want only the best, and nothing less.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is choosing the type of flooring you want installed. Most modern homes would go for ceramic tiles, marble, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl. However, the most discerning consumer will certainly go for hardwood.
Hardwood is known for its durability and can be a strong selling point when the time comes to put up your house for sale. Having a hardwood floor will certainly drive up the market value of a house.

But beyond the market value and the price point,a wood floor’s main advantage is its aesthetic appeal.Another advantage of wood flooring is that it holds up really well with the passing of time, even in areas of the house that have high foot traffic. Its timeless beauty ages well like wine, and its patina can add a lot to the rustic feel of a house. It evokes a warm and fuzzy feeling that is surely welcome at the end of a tiring day at work.

Once you have decided to install wood flooring in your home, the buck doesn’t stop there. You will need to make some choices that you think would fit your home the best. When choosing, below are the factors you would want to consider:

  • Type
First off, you need to decide if you are to choose a solid hardwood floor, or engineered wood flooring. A solid wood floor is very sturdy, and can last a lifetime, and as the name implies, is wood all throughout with a very thin protective layer on top. This is the type of wood flooring that best suits houses with basements. It can get expensive, however, engineered wooden floors are a great option to look into as they are cheaper. These are three to five layers of floor composed of a top veneer of hardwood and a couple of layers of plywood. Unlike solid planks, engineered ones do not contrast nor contract upon changes in the house’s temperature.

  • Species
Some of the wood flooring used are from pecan, birch, pine, and walnut trees. But the most popular choices are cherry, oak, and maple.

  • Colour
Aside from the type of wood floor to be used, you would also have to consider the colour as well. If you want to go for the classic and understated hardwood floor, you can choose natural colours such as brown or beige. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, choose a wood floor that has orange or yellow tones, such as caramel or walnut.  

Other factors that you want to consider are distressing (whether you prefer it hand-scraped, band-sawn, brushed, etc.) and cost. With these considerations, you should be able to make an informed decision on the kind of wood you would like to install as flooring in your house. It would be best to choose one that is the best reflection of your personality.


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