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How to Prepare for the Installation of Wood Floors

How to Prepare for the Installation of Wood Floors

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on July 17th 2015
Installing a wooden flooring is not an easy task. If you want your home to look beautiful in a wooden floor, work hard for it. Don't just wait for the wood floor installers to arrive and start a chaos in your house. Even though floor installation companies take
certain precautions, preparing beforehand is better.Source Wood Floors list down some ways to make sure everything is set and cleaned before the wood installers arrive.

Stop the dust before it creates havoc.

Dust is the hardest thing to remove. What’s worse is that some floor installers only take minimum preparations to keep the dust from going to places. You can do better by sealing off rooms that will not be sanded. Cover the doorway with plastic or plastic curtains and masking tape.

Remove doors

Many floor installer companies only want their work to be done and pay little attention to keeping your home clean.They will not necessarily remove the doors and store them safely. So as for you, relocate them to a different room far from the workspace. Then separate each door in the stack with a blanket. After everything, re-install the door and make sure it is free fromscratches.

Remove baseboards

Removing the baseboards and reinstalling are the best ways to get the flooring under the baseboards. This is your chance to reinstall new baseboards!The floor installers often cut under the baseboards using a special saw and theninsert the flooring underneath. But this is a less preferable method

Door trim

Door trim is more complicated to deal with than baseboards. You have two options:install the flooring around the door trim or cut under the trim and insert the flooring underneath. Only a few floor installers remove door trim. If your goal is a perfect and flawless polished finish, then removing and reinstalling new door trim is the only way.
Ready your sub-floor

Wood sub-floors are a good surface finish when installing wood floors. Most of the time, sub-floor installation is not part of the package and floor installers simply "steam-roller" any imperfections in the sub-floor. Get the sub-floor solid, thick, flat, and tight ahead of time.

6.   Prepare outdoor cutting area

Cutting of floorboards should never be done indoors. To encourage the floor installers to cut their floorboards outside, prepare a good and convenient place for them to do this.

Make the wood floors installation process problem-free! With proper care and preparation, you can grant your home beauty and elegance for decades to come.


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