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Special Offers On Our Wooden Flooring Range

Special Offers On Our Wooden Flooring Range

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on September 9th 2013
Having professionally-finished oak wood floors from Source Wood Floors comes with many advantages, making these elegant flooring materials a very popular choice. If you haven't decided whether or not to choose this type of wood, here is a list of advantages that you can gain from choosing Source Wood's professionally-finished oak as your home's primary flooring material.

Advantages Of Oak Wooden Flooring

Professionally-finished oak wood flooring can last a very long time when it is properly laid out, installed, and maintained. Oak floors last between 15 years to a lifetime, allowing you to save on replacement costs. The planks can be cut and trimmed to fit any size and shape of a room. Oak wooden flooring offers versatility that cannot be found in most flooring materials, as it can be used for almost all areas of your home including the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Source Wood's oak wood floors are also more resistant to wear and tear and moisture damage. Unlike laminates and carpets, oak wood floors can serve as additional insulation to keep the home warm, cool, or dry during harsh weather conditions, especially during the summer and winter months. Professionally finished oak wooden flooring from Source Wood flooring can be easily laid and installed over any type of heating system found in the home's sub-floors. Oak flooring is also more environmentally friendly, as most of the wood used in manufacturing comes from monitored and sustainable forests that are maintained by independent groups. Professionally-finished oak floors from Source Wood Flooring only get better with age. Over time, the wood grain becomes more pronounced and the wood takes on a darker, richer colour. You can expect your floors to get more beautiful as the years pass, taking on an appeal and rustic elegance that adds to your home's value. With the wide range of colours, designs, and styles to choose from, you are sure to choose a style of oak flooring that can best complement your home.

A Range Of Wooden Flooring To Choose From

At present, Source Wood offers several types of professionally-finished oak floors from different brands in the market: click fit oak, engineered oak, solid oak, and solid engineered oak wooden flooring. Click fit oak floors are perfect for those who wish to lay and install the flooring on their own, while engineered oak is ideal for homeowners who want the same look and feel of solid oak without the added expense. Solid oak floors on the other hand are great for those who want the sturdiness of real oak planks, while solid engineered floors are recommended for homeowners who want something in between. All products come in different finishes and have passed FSC quality standards. Residential warranties are also provided depending on type and brand. For more information please call 01379 652613 or email enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk


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