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Warm Up Your Wood

Warm Up Your Wood

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on December 28th 2011
Wood Floors With Rugs Hard surfaces (tile, hardwood, laminate) are very popular flooring choices, but sometimes too much wood can leave the room looking bare and cold. A great way to counter this is to use an area rug over your hard surface flooring. Area rugs can add warmth, soften sound and create a focal point for your room. Many older homes feature wood floors throughout. While wood flooring helps to provide charm which wall to wall carpeting certainly lacks, they can leave your home feeling hard and uninviting.

Wall to wall carpeting is the common alternative to wood flooring for individuals who don’t prefer the upkeep and care required for their wood floors. However, carpet after years often needs to be replaced. If you have young children or frequent foot traffic in your home, your carpet will likely experience stains and show its age after time. Rather than carpeting your floors, why not consider rugs and runners?

A rug can help to make your family room feel more comfortable and inviting. Runners help to add style and a softer texture to your hallways. If you have wood flooring that you want to show off but enjoy the benefits of carpeting as well rugs and runners  will help to bring warmth and to soften the feel of your wood floors. Rugs  and runners help to soften the spaces in your home and provide a sense of warmth. There are such a wide variety of colours and styles available to suit everyone’s taste. Whether your home features oriental decorations, is more traditional or contemporary; a well-placed area rug can be a great anchor for the accessories in the room.

Area rugs fit well in front of a settee, under a coffee table, dining room table and the foot of the bed. You can add a spark to your room with fluffy shag or elegant wool. There are even water-resistant rugs that are designed for outdoor areas such as patios and lanais.

If you’d like a little more personal advice on the best  hardwood floors for your home – room by room – get in touch with our experts on 08456 021781


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