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We Stock A Range Of Flooring Accessories For Your Home Build

We Stock A Range Of Flooring Accessories For Your Home Build

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on January 20th 2014
Are you looking to refurbish your house? Flooring is the foundation of your house and just like any foundation, it has to be durable and match your lifestyle. That is why so many people choose one of the most elegant and durable options – wood flooring. Source Wood Floors have a large variety of wood flooring, from solid wood to engineered wood flooring options as well as a range of flooring accessories for your home.

Top Quality Wood Flooring Accessories From Source Wood Floors

Once your wood flooring is installed you will need to use a few flooring accessories to keep your floor in tip top condition. If you take proper care of your flooring it will look beautiful for decades and possibly even centuries to come. However, before you can enjoy your wood flooring you will need to take care of quite a few things. There are two ways to go about your wood flooring installation - you can either do it yourself or hire a professional. While it might cost more to hire someone to do all the installation and finish for your flooring, it might save you time and money in the long term; however if you are a DIY enthusiast you will find guidance, tips and all the necessary materials on Source Wood Floors’ website. First of all you should take a look at wood flooring underlay. There are a number of underlay options available at Source Wood Floors including foam, insulation, adhesive, damp proof, sound proof and under floor heating underlay. Underlay is important and can greatly add to durability of your product, so depending on the type of floor and your needs you can choose which underlay suits you best. Usually they serve as great thermal insulators, protect from moisture and reduce sound. Once you have chosen an underlay for your type of wood flooring you should take a look at Sika adhesives. We currently offer three types of Sika adhesives: acoubond systems, the full stick down and liquid batten. You will find these adhesives rather elastic compared to simple floor glue, and if you are looking for the best solution for permanently bonding sub floors you won’t find a better adhesive. You will find a variety of other top quality adhesives as well as moisture barriers and levellers available at Source Wood Floors.

Accessories To Maintain Your Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is easy to maintain and if done right it will stay in your house for centuries. Once you took care of underlay and adhesives you should consider how you want your floor to look, which brings us to lacquers and colour finishes. Which one you choose will depend on what type of floor effect you want to achieve. Do you want your wood flooring to be glossy, or would you like to give it a bit of a different shade? Bona has lacquers to fit every taste, while Blanchon colour finishes will allow you to transform your floor and give it a different hue. Last but not least, you should maintain your wood flooring for it to stay as beautiful as the day it was laid. At Source Wood Floors you will find a variety of wood floor cleaners and cleaning kits as well as Osmo hard wax oils to keep your flooring in an ideal condition. Do you need advice on wood flooring and its accessories? For more information email enquiries@sourcewoodfloors.co.uk or telephone 01379 652613.


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