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What Type of Elka Wood Flooring Fits Me

What Type of Elka Wood Flooring Fits Me

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source Wood Floors on July 2nd 2015
By this time, you may have already decided that Elka wood flooring is your flooring of choice. With many good reviews pointing out how ideal it is for homeowners and home renovators, it is no surprise that you may be eyeing on Elka wood flooring with great eagerness. What you may be pondering on at this point, however, is which Elka wood flooring will meet your needs, including your budget.

To make thing easy for you, here is a guide to help you choose the Elka wood that’s more appropriate for you – whether it be solid wood, engineered, or laminated.

Solid Wood Flooring

As homes today have a wide range of themes and styles, the demand for solid wood floors is ever increasing. Aside from being 100% natural, the colours and grains of Elka solid woods can match the character of your home and give it an appearance of stability and enduring beauty. Any interior will look elegant with the right solid woods in place.

Unlike laminated flooring, it is a real wood all the way through, although it may not hold up well against light moisture the way engineered and laminated flooring do. However, the good news is that it can be sanded multiple times unlike Elka laminates which cannot be sanded. They offer fair resistance to scratch and dent and can be installed over radiant heat, although the latter is not strongly recommended.

One thing you have to consider though is the fact that it cannot be installed as a floating floor. It can also be difficult to install, thus requiring the help of professionals.

Engineered Flooring

If strength is your main criterion for choosing Elka wood flooring, the engineered one suits you best. The bottom layers are actually plywood but the upper ones are real hardwood. It is very sturdy because each layer of wood is stacked in opposite directions. Thus, engineered flooring can be used in a wide range of home areas such as conservatories. It holds up well against light moisture. It can also be installed over radiant heat and as a floating floor if “glue-down” option instead of “nail-down” option is chosen. It can also be installed over radiant heat. Like solid woods, engineered ones hold up well against light moisture and can be sanded. However, it can be sanded only up to three times unlike solid woods which can be sanded multiple times.

Laminated Flooring

If practicality, ease of installation and economy are your priorities, the laminated ones is your top choice. People who like to do things on their own are sure to love the fact that it is easy to install, thus saving you labour costs. It can also be installed over radiant heat and as a floating floor. It holds up well against light moisture and provides good resistance to dent and scratch. It is everything you would want for practical Elka wood floors! You may want to also consider the fact that it is not real wood all the way through and cannot be sanded.

Whichever of these three you choose, still, the beauty of Elka wood floors will leave you in awe.


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