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Why Choose Wenge Flooring?

Why Choose Wenge Flooring?

Posted in Wood Flooring by Source on May 30th 2012

Wenge Flooring

Why Choose Wenge Flooring Wenge flooring has an excellent strength and hardness, which makes it ideal for flooring. Due to its extreme durability, stability and resistance to denting and traffic, wenge flooring is perfect for public areas. It is also ideal for heavily populated rooms in the home such as the lounge of hallway. It is much harder than North American wood floors because of its density. The grain patterns of Wenge flooring are very similar to that of Red Oak. As Wenge is an exotic dark wood it has a dramatic appearance when used against clean strong lines or stark white furniture, to create the ultimate contemporary space. Its distinctive character and grain coupled with its rich dark chocolate colour and ebony tones, makes this wood extremely striking and will achieve a most elegant look. Wenge has a highly decorative quality and is often used for top quality furniture and for flooring in high-end residential and commercial properties due to its luxurious appearance. About Wenge Flooring The Wenge tree comes from the species Millettia laurentii and can grow between 60 and 90 feet tall with its trunk usually around a diameter of 3 feet. It is closely related to and very similar in appearance to, another African tree, the Panga-Panga. Both Wenge and Panga-Panga are dark enough to be used instead of ebony. Wenge is an exotic wood native to Africa where they make ceremonial masks and statues from it for religious ceremonies. It is mainly found in the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Zaire and the southern parts of Tanzania and Mozambique. Other names sometimes used for Wenge include African Rosewood, Congolese Rosewood, Faux Ebony, Dikela, Mibotu, Bokonge and Awong. After harvesting, Wenge is a yellow brown colour, however, over time, it darkens to a deeper brown that can border on black. Its sapwood is yellow to white, which marks it out strongly from the dark brown heartwood. As Wenge is straight grained and coarse textured, the direction of the grain is an important feature in displaying Wenge wood at its finest. Aqua-step laminate flooring is the new generation of laminate flooring. The entire range is 100% water-resistant, which will provide you with a comfortable and worry-free floor for years to come. Aqua step contains no wood components, but is made from high quality synthetic resins. Whats more, Aqua-step is simplicity itself to install with the uniclic system, and it's also easy to maintain by simply cleaning with soap and water resulting in an extremely hygienic floor. Please feel free to contact us with any queries regarding your flooring on 08456 021 781, or take a look at our wood flooring collections at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk.


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