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Furlong Aspect Engineered Wood Flooring

Bring Furlong Aspect engineered wood flooring and experience unmatched style and sophistication inside your home. Furlong wood flooring is a milled single strip hardwood with a secret nailed system. Each plank is micro bevelled on all four sides. This means that the spaces between planks which form the letter ?V? is very small and unnoticeable. Cleaning Furlong Aspect engineered wood flooring is not a challenge because the micro bevelled sides are not deep and will not collect too much dirt.
Furlong wood flooring bears a brushed and oiled finish. Each plank was first brushed using a wire brush to remove any new growth, and reveal the older wood and its natural characteristics and qualities. After this, natural oil and UV Osmo oil is applied up to, at least, 5 times. The more oil is applied, the deeper the layers of wood are penetrated resulting to a stronger plank. UV-protection Osmo oil is a satin-matte oil that makes the wood water and dirt resistant. It also helps enhance the natural character of the wood.

You can choose from 7 different products under the Furlong Aspect engineered wood flooring range:
  • Clear Satin Oak
  • Black Stained Oak
  • White Stained Oak
  • Walnut Stained Oak
  • Extra White Stained Oak
  • Antique Stained Oak
  • Unfinished Oak