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Barrier Plus Underlay
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Barrier Plus Underlay

SKU: 33

m² per pack: 15.000

All Areas £2.00
Pack Qty:
£30.00 per pack (Exc. Vat)

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• high quality closed cell foam
• impact sound reduction properties
• excellent thermal insulation
• 3mm thickness
• unique double layer vapour barrierBarrier plus wood floor underlay is composed of a high quality, lightweight polyethylene foam which benefits from a closed cell structure and has a unique double layer built in vapour barrier to both sides.

This is ideal where there is a risk of moisture from concrete or other forms of subfloor penetrating the wood flooring or simply to give peace of mind.

Great for use real wood flooring products either floated or for cushioning and sound proofing with secret nailed installations.

The excellent thermal and sound insulating properties of this product coupled with very competitive pricing, make this incredible value at just £1.32 per m2.
Density 20kg/m³
Thermal resistance
0.067m²k/W to DIN4108
Impact sound reduction
20dB to BSEN ISO-140-8
Lengthwise elongation
100% to DIN 53 571
Crosswise elongation
80% to DIN 53 571

Temperature stability 75°
Thermal Conductivity
0.045W/m k at 10°C to DIN4108
Maximum compression load
<2.0kN/m² to DIN EN1606
Tensile strength lengthwise
>0.30 N/mm² to DIN 53 571
Tensile strength widthwise
>0.15 N/mm² to DIN 53 571

m215 m2