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OLD Osmo hardwood decking

What could be better than spending warm summer evenings in the garden with your family and friends? Here at Source Wood Flooring we believe that garden decking is a great addition to your home. Benefits Of Wooden Garden Decking

Garden decking is not only a great place for socialising, relaxing and dining; it is a great addition to your house that can even raise its value. Even though there are many materials to choose from, wooden decking still remains the number one choice. This is because:

  • Wood has a natural, attractive and elegant look to it. As it is natural-looking, it suits the garden more than any other material.
  • Garden decking increases space. In particular, it provides valuable room for entertaining your guests as it can be equipped with garden furniture, such as a BBQ.
  • Wooden garden decking requires little maintenance over time. If you want to keep a fresh and vibrant look for your wooden surface, you might need to sand it every few years or polish the frame once a year.
  • It can hold a great deal of weight, which makes it perfect for holding garden furniture and lighting.
  • You can choose from various wood shades that will blend in with your garden design.
  • Garden decking is a great way to level an uneven landscape in your garden. The use of different levels or stairs can make your garden much easier to walk in. It can also increase the usability of this space.
  • As you can choose from various structures and types of wood, you can increase the architectural interest and value of your house by creating eye-catching and attractive garden designs.
  • Adding garden decking and expanding your outdoor space is far more cost-effective than expanding the interior of your house. It is also functional and visually pleasing.
  • We want you to experience this wonderful addition to your garden ? are you ready to choose your garden decking?

    Why Choose Source Wood Flooring

    Garden decking is a visually appealing and functional option for your garden. With Source Wood Flooring you don?t need to spend a fortune on stylish, durable and functional decking ? you can choose a type of wood that is suitable for both your taste and your garden. If you find it hard to choose from a wide variety of wood, we can send you a free sample to be delivered to your door. Our experts are always ready to consult with you, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.