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Osmo exterior wood oils

Osmo exterior wood oil finishes

Osmo Exterior Wood Oil Finishes | Treatment Of Exterior Wood

Osmo exterior wood oil finishes are decorative, oil-based protective coatings for exterior wood and finish. It protects the wood from inside and out by giving it a durable surface finish and penetrating it deeply. The oil binds itself to the core elements of the wood to secure its stability and toughness. This deep penetrating function of Osmo exterior wood oil finishes reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage. It structures a protective yet microporous surface that allows the timber to breathe and release the moisture forming deep inside.
A number of different Osmo oil products are designed to give you the amazing look that you are pinning for your home. Osmo provides not just aesthetically pleasing finish for wood exteriors, but also the protection that the timber needs for it to last long.

The advantages of Osmo exterior wood oil finishes

Osmo wood oil products boast of many advantages in all its finishing systems. In the case of Osmo exterior wood oil finishes, they provide extremely durable, stain-resistant, and dirt-repellent coatings that are easy to apply and maintain. Other advantages include:
  • Deep penetrating function
The exterior wood oil finish penetrates from the surface and right into the timber. It provides is moisture resistant and can be easily refurbished without having to put a primer or sand the surface.
  • All day UV protection
Osmo exterior wood oil finishes also feature UV protection ability. The oils can either be used as a clear finish on timber or as topcoat to provide ultra-protection.
  • Beautiful exterior colours
Part of Osmo exterior wood oil finishes is the natural oil wood stain collection that provides beautiful colours for your external timber. Its key ingredients can protect your timbers against mould, algae and fungal attack while also giving your exteriors a contemporary look.

Quality Osmo exterior wood oil finishes at Source Wood Floors

Osmo exterior wood oil finishes are made to restore the natural character of your wooden exteriors. Create to help build a home that is stable and beautiful, you and your family can now sleep sound at night knowing that you’ll wake up the other day still living in a perfectly safe abode. Browse our catalogue now for the best and latest flooring accessories.