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Osmo & other interior wood finishes
Osmo Top Oil Osmo Top Oil
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Floorxcenter Floorxcenter
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Osmo & other interior wood finishes

Buy Online Osmo & Other Natural Interior Wood Finishes

Wood finishing refers to the practise of polishing or preserving a wooden surface. Apart from covering grains of the wood, natural wood finishes enhance the quality of the wood.
So you might want to ask, how do I know which wood finishing type to go for?

Reasons why you should opt for Osmo natural finishes

There are a number of reasons why you should buy Osmo oil and Osmo natural wood finishes from us.
Source Wood Floors offers the best type of Osmo natural wood finishes. Osmo natural wood finishes provide a great coverage, which means that one thin coating is enough to do the job.
Osmohardwax oil provides calibre treatment for wooden floors and other internal and external woodwork. We guarantee you that these Osmo natural wood finishes are made will all nature’s goodness, natural waxes and oils, carnauba wax, sunflower oil, candelilla wax, thistle oil and more.
Osmo natural wood finishes bring out natural character, resilience, and preservation for all interior and exterior timbers. Because wooden floors are usually subjected to strains and stresses, they need further fortification and Osmohardwax oils are the answer to that as they provide long lasting finish. This finish does not affect or change the natural appearance of the surface of the wood.
The Osmo oil range offers preservation and protection from inside the wood itself, eliciting the character of the wood and making it come to life. With the use of Osmo natural wood wax oil finishes, you can assure that your wood surface will not just retain its natural character and charm, but will make your wooden floor become abrasion, water and dirt resistant – providing a long lasting protection to your floor surface against small day-to-day casualties.

Source Wood Floors UK offer top quality interior wood finishes

We do not only distribute Osmo natural wood finishes, but we also have other interior wood finishes and products which are ideal to apply on interior wood walls, ceilings, door, floors and mouldings. Browse our catalogue at Source Wood Floors and get to know more about our long list of quality products.