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Adhesive tools

Adhesive tools

Adhesive Tools & Accessories – Source Wood Floors

Source Wood offers some of the best adhesive tools and accessories in the market today. They are ideal for wood floor bonding to substrates. Their permanent elasticity permits for the natural expansion and contraction of both engineered and solid wooden floorings. These are just some of the characteristics that make our adhesive tools the best type of glue for parquet and hardwood floorings.

Some adhesivetools that you must know about

One of our adhesive tools is Professional P3 Notched Trowel. It is a high quality professional tool that can be used for other purposes and applications with SikaBond T54/T55 Adhesives. It has a comfortable wooden handle making it very easy to use.

Like the Professional P3 Notched Trowel, the Professional Bulk Gun is trouble-free to use. It is a quality tool that is used with SikaBond T52 Sausage.

Next on our list of adhesive tools is the Taylors Midi Flow Bulk Gun. It is a state-of-the-art professional tool that is used jointly with 600cc adhesive sausages.

Sika Wipes comes next in our rundown of adhesive tools. It is used for the exclusion of untreated Sikaflex and SikaBond products from substrates and tools of application.

The last but definitely not the least on our adhesive tools list is the SikaBond Dispenser 5400. This product requires less physical effort to install floorings and saves time up to 10 times faster in terms of adhesive application. More so, it is very easy, fast and hassle-free to clean. It doesn’t require much maintenance making it a very practical product. It doesn’t contaminate the user’s hand, clothing and wood flooring surfaces. Itdoesn’t have excess as the foil is compressed to nothing which makes this adhesive tool easy to dispose contributing to a better and sustainable environment.