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Sika T2 liquid battens

Sika T2 liquid battens

Sika T2 Liquid Battens – Wood Floor Adhesives

Sika T2 Liquid Battens offer a fast, hassle-free and spotless procedure to affix wooden flooring to the sub floor with a flexible adhesive. Standard Foil Bulks or Skeleton guns are where the 600cc Sika T3 sausage glue or 300cc cartridges are attuned with.

Sika T2 Liquid Battens offertop-of-the-line and quality service. To name a few, Sika T2 Liquid boasts the following:

  • It eradicates the demand for battens.
  • It fixes timber directly to all floorings.
  • It is flexible when alleviated.
  • It is best for uneven and irregular surfaces.

Sika T2 Liquid Battens and their benefits

Sika T2 Liquid Battens allows probability to mount and install all types of wood flooring on any layers, includingcement, concrete, tiles, stone, metal, and thermoplastic flooring to name a few.Sika T2 Liquid Battens possess very high and credible grab features and characteristics which provide instant grasp of medium weight elements.

Because of its adaptability, Sika T2 Liquid Battens have the benefit of offsetting for disparities in floor levels by extracting irregularities of surfaces. Sika T2 Liquid Battens has the capacity to affix solid and engineered timber floor straight to the subfloor that eliminates the demand of fixing battens and raising of thresholds. Once treated, the Sika T2 Liquid Battens are entirely elastic. Because of this elasticity, Sika T2 Liquid Battens prohibit variance in movement between the bonded surfaces minus the threat of delamination.

Sika Services

Sika provides a wide array of products and systems based on sealing and bonding technologies and advancements. Sika is the global market leader for several adhesives and has likewise established several brand names in the industry. Sika strives for the best solutions and an extensive system that aims to go beyond the highest standards. Sika’s systems for wood floors involveadvanced products which add to sustainable solutions in more ways than one. Know more about the high quality Sika products we offer here at Source Wood by browsing our catalogue.