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Doors, custom & bespoke
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Doors, custom & bespoke

Skirting & Mouldings - Doors, Custom & Bespoke

Skirting and mouldings are two of Source Wood Floors’ specialties. If you want to begin a household renovation, a property extension, or you simply want to modernise your own abode, we could provide you skirting and moulding services, custom and bespoke, that no other company could offer.

Whether your project is a small extension of your home, a large scale project or simply a barn conversion, Source Wood Floor’s is the company you can always trust and rely on. Currently, we offer two types of supreme quality custom and bespoke doors with inlays. Both of them are available in oiled or lacquered finish.

Types of custom and bespoke doors

The first profile is the solid oak skirting board that is custom made and features single or double inlay steel insets. This is ideal for everyone fascinated by unique contemporary designs. To satisfy your refined taste, Source Wood Floors also manufactures doors, custom and bespoke, with solid oak stair nosing.

Featuring single or double inlay steel insets, the stair nosing is made from solid prime oak that provides a safety measure for extra grip. A matching skirting board is also available for customers who are ready to invest in quality doors, custom and bespoke.It’s even possible to have special cutters made for the moulding machines to match your own design.

Our product offerings include oak beams, architrave, skirting, bespoke joinery, hardwood doors, and door casings/liners. If you are restoring a historicalestablishment or a building of architectural importance and are seeking to reproduce the mouldings, you can always contact Source Wood Floors UK and make everything custom made for you. Rest assured, our prices of custom and bespoke doors are very competitive, even on small quantities.

Doors, custom and bespoke, are available in various sizes and wood species. For further details of how to preserve your home and most treasured establishments, contact us through email or phone. Simply detail your requirements and we would be happy to discuss everything and quote all your joinery needs.