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Adhesive underlay systems
X-Pro Tack Plus Underlay 10M2 X-Pro Tack Plus Underlay 10M2
£6.00 m² £59.95 pack (Exc. VAT)
Xpro Flexifix Underlay 10M2 Xpro Flexifix Underlay 10M2
£7.85 m² £78.45 pack (Exc. VAT)
Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2 Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2
£2.78 m² £45.81 pack (Exc. VAT)
Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm
£2.99 m² £37.37 pack (Exc. VAT)
Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm
£3.75 m² £74.99 pack (Exc. VAT) £89.80

Adhesive underlay systems

Adhesive Underlay Wood Floor Systems | Floor Accessories

Thinking about installing an underlay for your wooden floors at home? Why not have the latest in underlay flooring by choosing an adhesive underlay?

An adhesive underlayis quite popular no wadays. More and more people prefer using it because it does not require any nails or other unreliable and messy glues for installation. But this time, no more troublesome surface preparations andno more dangerous nails!

With adhesive underlay, you can install your underlay and wooden floorings even with children around without fear or worry of danger or injury. Youjustpeel the protective film on one side of the adhesive underlayto reveal the strong adherent coating and directly install it to the surface.

Advantages of using adhesive underlay

Aside from the stress-free underlay installation, this convenient innovation also has other benefits that are sure to provide you with the best, even floored and well-insulated wooden flooring you’ve ever wanted.

Adhesive underlay also possesses the following qualities:

  • Efficient

With other kinds of underlays you find difficulty in nailing or gluing them simply because it is more prone to error. However, with adhesive underlay, you won’t have to stress about nailing it wrong, or putting on too much glue.

  • Do it yourself

You don’t need to hire someone for professional work. If you want to change your adhesive underlay flooring, you can simply purchase them and fix the problem yourself!

  • Easy fitting

An adhesive underlay is very adaptable and cost effective. Through simple measuring, you can easily fit them into your flooring without wasting any underlay!

  • Comfort

Cost effective doesn’t always have to mean a temporary fix. With adhesive underlay, installations are not only easy, but also long lasting and comfortable to walk on. Because it is very easy to apply, you are sure to get even flooring each time.

So,if you want a harmless, time saving, and cost efficient underlay for your wooden flooring, find the perfect adhesive underlay material you need by shopping at www.sourcewoodfloors.co.uk!