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Underfloor heating underlay
TradeLine White Foam Underlay
TradeLine White Foam Underlay
£1.30 m² £13.00 pack (Exc. VAT)
TradeLine Green Foam Underlay
TradeLine Green Foam Underlay
£1.49 m2 £22.35 pack (Exc. VAT)
Quick Therm Vapour Underlay Quick Therm Vapour Underlay
£4.25 m² £42.50 pack (Exc. VAT)
Quick Therm Underlay Quick Therm Underlay
£4.35 m² £43.53 pack (Exc. VAT)

Underfloor heating underlay

Buy Online Underfloor Heating Underlay For Wood Flooring

Underfloor heating underlays are becoming more and more popular nowadays, mostly because of their functionality. Aside from the many benefits underfloor heating underlays provide, their claimed benefits of energy efficiency combined with a comfortable heat and warming resource prove why they are becoming a staple in many homes and commercial developments.

Regardless of whether you are installing a system under a wood, carpet, or laminate floors, there are available low tog underfloor heating underlays that will allow the heat to exude into your room. These types of underlays preserve the room temperature high, hence, keeping your heating bills as low as possible.

Along with the growing popularity in the utilisation of underfloor heating underlays comes possible challenges when used with hardwood flooring. However, this can be avoided when underfloor heating underlays are properly installed.

Know the types of underfloor heating underlays

First, know the best types of underfloor heating underlays that are suitable for your needs. Below are some of the best performing underfloor heating underlays you may want to consider.

Tradeline White Foam Underlay

This underfloor heating underlay is excellent because of its thermal and sound insulating properties. It is ideal for laminate floors and real wood flooring products. Aside from that, it is trouble-free to lay and may be utilised together with underfloor heating systems.

This product also comes in green foam floor underlay that is likewise crafted from top-quality, lightweight polyethylene foam which benefits from a closed cell structure and is 100% recyclable.

Quick Therm Underlay

This type of underfloor heating underlay offers outstanding noise reduction and impact sound insulation. It has an excellent long term load bearing facility that makes it exemplary to use in high-traffic rooms.

There is also a Quick Therm Vapor Underlay which comes with a built-in moisture barrier.

Poly Airflow Underlay

Poly Airflow Underlay is intended to be a perfect flooring underlay. It has an integrated overlap offering the ultimate moisture management system and possesses the attributes needed to make a superior flooring underlay.

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