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Furlong Virginia Solid Wood Flooring

Furlong Virginia Solid wood flooring offers a wide range of solid wood products that never fade or weather. An eternal solid oak flooring that will never fade or weather, available in a variety of widths.

The Furlong Virginia Solid wood flooring is made from a single piece of wood and is 18mm thick. It is highly durable, and can give you a lifetime of service. What is surprising about solid wood is that it can be sanded to restore its finish as many times as required. Moreover, the characteristics and details of the wood tend to reveal over time. The older the solid wood is, the more detailed it will be. However, theFurlong Virginia solid wood flooring is not suitablefor an underfloor heating system. Although solid wood can be secretly nailed or fully adhered, it is recommended that the hardwood be professionally installed.

Furlong Virginia solid wood flooring can either be oiled or lacquered. Oiled planks have a provisional coat of natural oil that penetrates deep within the wood and makes it shinier and stronger. Oiled solid wood planks include:

  • Oak Rustic Oiled 120
  • Oak Rustic Oiled 150
  • Oak Rustic Brushed and Oiled 150
  • Oak Rustic Brushed and Oiled 120

Lacquered planks have a varnish-like coat that protects the wood from ordinary wear and tear. Lacquered Furlong Virginia solid wood flooring products are Oak Rustic Lacquered 120, andOak Rustic Lacquered 150.