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Quickstep Livyn
New Product - 2955 New Product - 2955
£25.76 m² £54.35 pack (Exc. VAT)
New Product - 3085 New Product - 3085
£25.76 m² £54.35 pack (Exc. VAT)

Quickstep Livyn

Quick-Step has the right floor for every interior. Be it planks or tiles, wide or small planks, modern or traditional. Quick-Step is suitable for every room and everyone.

All Quick-Step floors have Scratch Guard technology, which is the ultimate result of years of research and investment in the field of durability. The benefits are immediately obvious: the top layer of your floor has extra protection, so that you can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking floor for even longer.

Quick-Step floors are not only easy to clean. The perfectly joined planks also prevent dirt from lodging itself in between and under the planks. This means that Quick-Step® floors are a highly hygienic flooring option, ideal for babies who are learning to crawl.

At the heart of Quick-Step laminate is a top-class HDF board. This is manufactured according to very high standards, which surpasses the applicable EN and ISO standards. This hard core, in combination with the resistant top layer, will protect your floor against falling objects, stiletto heels, etc.

Quick-step’s water-tight base board and the tensile strength of the click systems offer excellent protection against surface dampness. So there’s no need to worry about accidents with spilled drinks.

With a minimum warranty of 20 years there’s no room for errors. So a Quick-Step floor is a floor which will last for years to come.

The entire range of Quick step laminate flooring is available to buy now, please contact us for a price.