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Laminate flooring
Aquavinyl LVT - Aged Oak Aquavinyl LVT - Aged Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)
Aquavinyl LVT - Antique White Oak Aquavinyl LVT - Antique White Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)
Aquavinyl LVT - Classic Oak Aquavinyl LVT - Classic Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)
Aquavinyl LVT - Golden Oak
Aquavinyl LVT - Golden Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)
Aquavinyl LVT - Natural Oak Aquavinyl LVT - Natural Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)
Aquavinyl LVT - Smoked Oak Aquavinyl LVT - Smoked Oak
From £19.00 - £25.90 m2 £40.47 - £55.16 pack (Exc. VAT)

Waterproof flooring

About Laminate wood flooring

The highest quality of laminate wood flooring offers the look of a real wood floor, but a floor that is much easier to install, and which is considerably cheaper. Another great advantage of laminate wood flooring is that it is very durable, and extremely easy to clean & maintain.
Laminate wood flooringcome with cores ranging from 6mm up to 12mm. The thicker core offers more stability and less vulnerable to buckling or lifting. Laminate flooring gets it’s very convincing look from a high resolution picture of real wood which is protected under a very durable layer of hard resin, which can be textured to further replicate the feel and look of a heavily grained real wood floor. All respected manufacturers of laminate wood flooring follow guidelines set by the AC testing standards. These testlaminate wood flooring in areas such as staining, impact, burning, water absorption, and abrasion. Laminate floors are given an AC rating ranging between 1 and 5. If a laminate wood floor does not have an AC rating it certainly doesn’t represent a wise investment. Cheaper laminate wood flooring is widely available but often with no AC rating, a very low AC rating of 1 or 2 and constructed with a very cheap core material. An AC rating of just 1 would only be suitable for light domestic use, for example, a bedroom where foot traffic is light. The toughest laminate flooring will get an AC rating of 5, and is suitable for flooring of commercial properties with heavy foot traffic like a public building or department store and these often come with commercial guarantees.
Although you will find extremely competitive prices on all our laminate wood floors, these are a minimum AC rating of 3 and are often only a little more per square metre than those cheap laminate wood products.
In our laminate flooring section you will find that we have selected the two most sort after, and highly regarded laminate flooring ranges available.
Both Krono Original Laminate Parkett and Quickstep offer fantastic laminate floors, and are unbelievable value for money. Both ranges come with extensive guarantees, are easy to install with a click fit system, and have a wonderful broad range of hard wearing and beautiful laminate floors available.
If you are looking for a natural looking floor, be it contemporary or rustic, wide or thin plank, dark or light, wood effect or tile effect, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our laminate flooring section.

Krono laminate flooring

Introducing the incredible Krono Laminate flooring range. As one of the world market leaders, Krono laminate-parkett is constantly developing new floors and ranges to meet the demands of today's contemporary living.
The range includes beautifully reproduced wood grains, stunning imitations of stone and tile surfaces.

Quick Step laminate flooring

Quick-Step has the right floor for every interior. Be it planks or tiles, wide or small planks, modern or traditional. Quick-Step is suitable for every room and everyone.

Aqua-Step waterproof flooring

A new generation of laminate flooring - Water and laminate is no issue anymore! In 2001 Parcolys extrusion experts invented Aqua-Step, the first 100% water resistant laminate floor. Aqua-Step, with its unique qualities, can be used for extensive residential and commercial applications where traditional laminate cannot. Find out everything you need to know about this unique flooring system by calling us on 08456 021781.