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If you are looking for a stylish dark wood floor then look no further than our range of solid and engineered walnut wood flooring. Walnut is a dense, high quality hardwood and being both durable and elegant it is an excellent species to have underfoot. A member of the Acacia family the wood is found in both southern and northern hemispheres but the predominant source in the flooring industry comes from the Americas.
How durable is Walnut Wood Flooring?
Walnut flooring is renowned for its beauty and is resistant to wear and tear, being such a dense wood it is particularly resistant to damage from impact and very dependent on the product that is used to finish the floor for scratch resistance. Therefore, walnut flooring is a great alternative to oak flooring. Walnut floors are very impermeable and resistant to most liquids.
Can I Use Solid Walnut Flooring With Under Floor Heating?
Here at Source Wood Floors we recommend that you never use solid walnut flooring with under floor heating. This is because it will cause the wood to expand and contract which will eventually cause problems and could damage your wood flooring. If you wish to use under floor heating, it’s best to go for engineered walnut as it has greater dimensional stability. This along with a purpose designed wood flooring adhesive such as Sikabond or underlay such as Quicktherm will give you a wonderful walnut floor for years to come.
What Finishes Can Be applied to Walnut Flooring?
Our Walnut flooring is very a popular option here at Source Wood Floors. It is available in either oiled or lacquered finish. The oiled walnut floor can be either UV oiled or a natural oil, this gives the dark tropical hardwood a beautiful matt lustre, a timeless quality that can complement a range of interior styles. A lacquered walnut floor generally has a higher gloss and really brings out the warm luxurious tones of this tropical hardwood. The lacquered walnut wood floors also benefit from being slightly more scratch resistant to their oiled counterparts.