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Riviera Walnut Engineered Flooring Lacquered RL

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Our 14/15mm engineered floors can be installed by a floating method using one of Source wood floors underlays, or can be stuck down using Sikabond adhesive products, this could be a full stick down method such as Sika 95, or agunned on product such as Sika 52 woodfloor.
Carefully examine the flooring for colour, finish and quality beforeinstalling it. Use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off pieces withglaring defects whatever the cause. If the flooring is not acceptable, contact Source Wood Floors immediately. 
Before beginning installation of any hardwood flooring product, the fittermust determine that the environment of the job site and the condition and typeof the subfloor involved are acceptable, ensuring that it meets or exceeds allrequirements which are stipulated in the fittinginstructions. 
Source Wood Floors declines any responsibility for job failure resulting from or associatedwith inappropriate or improperly prepared subfloor or job site environmentdeficiencies. When hardwood flooring is ordered, a 5 % allowancefactor, depending on layout, must be added to the actual square footage amountneeded, this will endure only the boards the owner deems fit will end up beingfitted.