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When you are looking for a beautiful tropical hardwood floor then take a look at our range of solid and engineered teak wooden flooring. Teak is one of the densest tropical hardwoods and perhaps the most durable species of wood available. It is particularly resistant to water hence its most common use in ship building. .

How durable is Teak Wood Flooring?

Teak flooring is renowned for its strength and is resistant to wear and tear. As mentioned above it is highly resistant to spills and stains, this is because the wood has a high oil content that makes it particularly impenetrable. Therefore, teak flooring is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms as teak wooden floors are very impermeable and resistant to most liquids.

Can I Use Solid Teak Flooring With Under Floor Heating?

At Source Wood Floors we recommend you do not use solid teak flooring with under floor heating. Underfloor heating introduces the wood to extremes of temperature variation and a solid board will cup or curl as a result. Choosing underfloor heating means the only sensible choice of teak flooring will be of the engineered variety as this has greater dimensional stability. Fixing the board down to the subfloor with a trowel on adhesive such as Sikabond T54 will make sure of a good heat transfer and create a wonderfully stable floor.

What Finishes Can Be applied to Teak Flooring?

Teak wooden flooring is available in either lacquered or oiled finish. The oiled teak floor board can natural or UK oiled, giving this tropical floor board a stunning matt lustre, a timeless quality that can complement a range of interior decoration. Lacquered teak floorboards generally have a glossier finish and enhances the bright luxurious tone of this tropical flooring. The high quality lacquers used in the production of the teak flooring at source wood floors ensures a timeless beautiful addition to any of your rooms.