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Sikabong adhesives wood flooring
Sikabond T54 (54 Wood Floor) Sikabond T54 (54 Wood Floor)
From £77.38 - £78.75 (Exc. VAT)
Sika At Universal Sika At Universal
£7.45 (Exc. VAT) £9.99
Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2 Work-Pro Slotted 16.5M2
£2.78 m² £45.81 pack (Exc. VAT)
Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 3mm
£2.99 m² £37.37 pack (Exc. VAT)
Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm Sika Acoubond Underlay 5mm
£3.75 m² £74.99 pack (Exc. VAT) £89.80
Sika At-80 6Kg Sika At-80 6Kg
From £31.20 - £37.50 (Exc. VAT) £49.99
Sikabond At-80 Sikabond At-80
£89.50 (Exc. VAT) £88.00

Sika & other adhesives

To achieve proper installation and care of wooden floors, wooden flooring accessories are used, adhesives being one of these well-known used accessories.
The best quality adhesives are the ones looked after by master floor fitters since these kind stick wood flooring to any type of surface. One of the most well-known kind of high quality adhesives are SikaBond adhesives.

What SikaBond adhesives are all about

If you’re looking for a high performance, high quality adhesive for your wooden flooring, you should consider SikaBond adhesives. These are a polyurethane glue for wooden flooring used for bonding to substrates. These are highly elastic, allowing the wooden floors to naturally expand or contract whenever needed. This is why SikaBond adhesives are much well-known to be the ideal adhesives for parquet and hardwood flooring.

Types of SikaBond adhesives

There are actually three kinds of SikaBond adhesive, the liquid batten, fully bonded, and sound insulating. Find them here at Source Wood.
  • Liquid batten
The SikaBond adhesives liquid batten system type allows all kinds of flooring system to installed on any substrate, such as tiles, concrete, screeds, metal, stone, timber or even thermoplastic flooring. Because sikabond adhesive are this versatile, you have the benefit of the ability to take out surface irregularities and floor level variations. SikaBond adhesives allows wooden floors to be directly glued to the sub-floor, thus eliminating the need to fix battens or raise thresholds.
  • Full bonded
The SikaBond adhesive fully bonded system is known for its ideal sound-absorbing qualities. Upon curing, this allows for a high quality bond strength and can be applied to any kind of wooden flooring. This type is free of moisture, solvent and odour, and is ready to be used. Its full elasticity property allows dampening of footfall sounds.
  • Sound insulating
For a one-of-a-kind combination of elasticity and sound dampening properties, there is the Sika AcouBond system which is comprised of the SikaBond single component gun grade adhesive and the SikaBond silent layer mat. This sound insulating system is the perfect answer to noisy, impactful, and reflective wooden floors.