Acclimatising your floor

 How To Acclimatise Your Floor

Your home is a very different environment to the warehouse in which your new wooden flooring will have been stored. The difference in humidity and temperature may cause the boards to expand and contract slightly once it is brought into your home.

We recommend acclimatising your flooring before fitting, by simply leaving the flooring in it's box (unopened) in the room that it will be fitted in - to allow the flooring to adjust to the room temperature and moisture levels. The boxes should be stacked on top of each other, ideally on the pallet so the air can circulate. It is important not to stand the boxes upright against a wall as this may cause the boards to warp.

If you take delivery of your flooring and are storing it for a long period of time, the boxes should be kept in a dry location such as a garage, and then bought into the room you are fitting it in using the guide below.   

Minimum acclimatisation periods for different types of flooring:

Solid Wood                  72 hours
Engineered Wood         72 hours
Laminate                    48 hours
Luxury Vinyl Tiles        48 hours

For more advice on this please call 01379 642843 or email us if out of office hours.

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