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Osmo polyx oil clear oils

Protect your flooring with a long-lasting coat and give an amazing surface finish with Osmo polyx oils. Whether a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, nothing can stain the natural beauty of wooden interiors coated with Osmo polyx oils.

Aside from being proven effective, Osmo polyx oils are also easy to apply. You can cover an average of 24 metres per liter of any Osmo polyx oil, with two thin coats being applied 12 to 24 hours apart. No primer or sanding is necessary to get the desired outcome.

Osmo oils are made from a blend of natural oils, waxes and other ingredients that are proven safe for frequent use. Every variant of Osmo polyx oil is produced from benzene-free, low-odour minerals that remove the aromatic and ring carbon elements - resulting in a milder, non-toxic odour.

Osmo polyx oils are water and dirt repellent, and give an incredibly durable, hardwearing, and stain resistant finish. They penetrate deep into the wood, making its core strong, elastic, and healthy.