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Sikabond Rapid DPM (5L)

Sikabond Rapid DPM (5L)

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Special Offer Sika Primer MB  (5kg)

Sika Primer MB (5kg)

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Sika primer & levellers

Primers and levellers fulfill important functions other than simply providing a base coat. Normally, primers have high 'solid' content to fill the grains in the wood and make the finishing coat smoother. Furthermore, primers and levellers like the Sika DPM Primer and Sika MB Primer, have more adhesive properties compared to conventional paint.

Sika MB Primer is a two component solvent-free epoxy primer. It boasts a lot of features and characteristics which stabilise the substrate. Sika MB Primer also has low viscosity and provides a quality and durable coating with just one application. Sika MB Primer is user-friendly and easy to apply, requiring only a short amount of time for completion and penetration.

Sika MB Primer is designed to be used in conjunction with SikaBond wood floor adhesives for:

  • Moisture control - ideal for cementitious substrates with a moisture content up to 6% CM.
  • Substrate consolidation - works best on cement and anhydrite screeds and revamped substrates.
  • Adhesion promotion - complements broadcast mastic asphalt and works on aged adhesive filtrates.

When the applied Sika MB Primer is left for more than 36 hours, make sure that the surface is scrupulously cleaned before commencing with over coating. Sika Primer MB must not be applied on substrates in which relatively higher vapour pressure may take place.

Newly applied Sika MB Primer should be protected from moisture, condensation and water for at least 24 hours.