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Solid wood

Solid wood floors are manufactured from a single piece of timber, and offer the consumer the most authentic and natural wood flooring option possible. They are normally 18-20mm thick; therefore they withstand years of wear and the stresses of everyday life. They can also be sanded down and re-finished numerous times, which truly makes solid wood a floor for life.

When choosing a solid wood floor, there is a range of different widths, lengths and finishes available to you. The most common width range tends to be between 130-150mm, although solid wood floors can be as narrow as 90mm and up to 200mm wide, depending on species. 

With ease and convenience becoming increasingly important to consumers, prefinished solid wood floors are a very popular option - with oiled and lacquered being the most popular options. However, there are many other finishing options to consider including brushed, hand-scraped, stained, distressed, and eco-oiled. 

Alternatively, you can consider purchasing an unfinished solid wood floor and have it finished in a colour or finish of your choice once fitted. The majority of solid wood floors are oak, although there is a plenty of choice available including walnut, ash, maple, and exotic species like merbau, jatoba, wenge, and tiger wood to name just a few. 

Virtually all hardwood flooring is put together with a tongue and groove fitting, and the most common methods of installation are to stick down using an elastic adhesive or to secret nail. 

Because of the natural way solid wood floors expand and contract you should not float the floor over a flooring underlay - although new systems are now available such as full stick down underlays, and hybrid underlay systems such as Sika Acoubond.