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How To Install Scotia Trim - Source Wood Floors

Wooden flooring requires a gap along the outside edges of the floor between the planks and the wall, which is there to allow any potential expansion of the wood. While this gap is there for an important purpose, it is still noticeable for all to see. Scotia is the thin piece of wood which covers this gap, and is the final touch to any quality wood floor installation.

Why Do I Need Scotia Trim For My Wooden Flooring?

Wooden flooring naturally absorbs and releases moisture because of seasonal changes in air temperature. This process causes the wood to expand and contract in size, with it getting bigger during the winter when there is a higher humidity because of heating, but then when the air becomes much drier in the summer the floor will reduce in size again. Having the gap at the edges helps prevent this problem, and to cover it Scotia trim is used leaving no evidence of its purpose. To ensure you lay it properly you will need your chosen Scotia, nail fixings and importantly a miter saw, which allows you to cut angles accurately for each corner. 

  1. First measure around outside of your wooden flooring to determine the total length of Scotia trim you need, then add around 20% extra for wastage. Find a colour of trim which matches both your flooring and skirting. Also make sure you purchase the right amount and size of nails for fixing the Scotia in place.
  2. Cut the Scotia sections to fit along each straight section of skirting board. To achieve a neat finish, cut each piece of trim to 45 degrees using the mitre saw. When cut and fitted in position, the Scotia should be nailed to the skirting by spacing one nail every 30cm. Be careful not to nail the Scotia moulding to the floor as this could create further expansion problems.
  3. Some gaps may appear when your Scotia moulding is fixed in position. This can be because of uneven walls or sections of skirting. To hide this use flexible wood filler like Bona gapmaster which can be used to seal any gaps which are still visible and any holes which are left from the nails.

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