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Insulation underlay

In choosing insulation underlay, the top characteristics to consider are durability and versatility. You should ensure that the materials have gone through an extensive series of testing for higher degree of impact and longer shelf life.

Techni-board is a lightweight polystyrene that has excellent thermal insulation - an incredible 2.15 Togs which makes it exemplar for cold floors and cellars. This insulation underlay also provides outstanding impact sound and noise reduction, high weight endurance and effective moisture protection. It is also quick and effortless to cut and install.

Techni-board is ideal for the floating installation of wooden parquet, wooden floorboards, laminate, chipboards, and prefabricated cork parquet.

X-Pro Thermal is a superior type of insulation crafted from physically cross-linked, closed-cell, polyolefin foam. The molecular component and structure boosts longer term performance and provides high quality insulation, high elasticity and outstanding recovery from compression.

X-Pro Thermal is enclosed on one side and comes with a fire retardant silver vapour barrier. This distributes greater thermal insulation for warmer and more humid floors and homes, and gives protection from moisture passage from the subfloor.

X-Pro Thermal insulation underlay is quick to install on solid wood floors, as is loosely positioned on the subfloor without stretching or tautening.