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Exterior colour oils

Exterior wood oils and finishes provide a waterproof finish and enrich the natural colour of the wood. Some oils offer a hardwearing finish, while others protect the timber from the sun.

All have a very high 'solid' content that also provides a high coverage rate; the solvent and water free colour oils have a solid content of 99 %.

Osmo exterior colour oils penetrate deep into the wood, maintaining its elasticity and preventing it from becoming flaky and brittle.

Osmo exterior colour oils can protect exterior timbers against the greying affects of sunlight while safeguarding them from rot, mildew, and weathering. They do not contain biocides or preservatives and are safe to use around man and animals. They are easy to apply but do take time to dry, with brush marks becoming invisible in the process. To renovate, just apply a further coat and your wood will once again look as good as new.