Why is an expansion gap important?

Expansion gap for engineered wood flooring

Engineered flooring is known for its strength and durability. This is why home builders and architects often recommend this type of flooring for different parts of the house. It is also good at holding up moisture and it can endure temperature changes. However, engineered wood flooring, like other types of flooring, also needs an expansion gap. 

Basically, an extension gap is the little space that is left around the room’s edges after fitting the floor. Because wood tends to contract and expand as temperature and moisture change, flooring without an expansion gap will become less stable and durable. This is why it is very important to leave an expansion gap when installing engineered wood flooring. 

How to Create Expansion Gaps

Expansion gaps can be made in doorways, walls and even heating pipes. Generally, you must create a 15 mm extension gap in places where some objects are fixed. For larger rooms, you must create allowance on extension gaps. There are different methods of installation but whatever it is that you choose, always make sure to create strong expansion gaps. Concisely, creating expansion gaps may cost you extra time and effort but creating them will help you prevent future problems. Without expansion gaps, expect unstable and unsafe flooring in the future. 

How to Make Expansion Gaps Uniform

Expansion gaps need to be uniform for a more successful installation. To do this, you have to make good use of spacers. Spacers are essential in installing engineered wood flooring; thus it is important that you always have spacers at hand. 

Because it is difficult to get the exact size of the expansion gap, using spacers will help you make the gaps identical. However, you have to use spacers that are correctly sized next to the wall. Nevertheless, don’t worry about expansion gaps making the wall look ugly since they will be hidden once the flooring is fitted. 

If you are not satisfied with the result and is still concerned about the expansion gaps, you can fully hide them using curved mouldings or skirting board.

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