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By Grade

The different types of wood are categorised into grades through different parameters to help you choose whichever wood flooring will work best for you.

Prime wood flooring grades
Wood flooring grades can be given depending on the number of knots that can be seen in the flooring. One example is prime grade, which has a low number of knots and very minimal colour differences. The prime grade classification is typically given to wood that has almost no visible defects and requires a small amount of filler.

Select wood flooring grades
Select wood flooring grades may include planks that are of prime grade and some that are not necessarily as pristine as prime grade planks. Larger knots may be observed in these planks, and a little more variation in colour is to be expected.

Character wood flooring grades
The character grade, also known as the classic grade, may include knots that are larger and more prominent. Along with those knots is a greater amount of colour variation with an increased amount of filler.

Rustic wood flooring grades
The rustic or natural grade is given to flooring planks that have limitless knots and colour variation. There will be quite a large number of cracks and filler. These are named as the natural grade because the planks look the most like the trees that they come from.