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Wood floor care & maintenance

Wood floor maintenance can be a hassle for homeowners - however, if you know where to look and what to look for, wood floor maintenance can be easy. At Source Wood Floors, we carry a wide range of wood floor care products that will make your wood floor maintenance projects manageable. Our wood floor care products not only care for your wood floors, but also bring out their natural look and beauty.

Our selection of liquid wax cleaners and maintenance oils are protective and regenerative for all kinds of wood floor. If your wood floor is scuffed and already showing wear and tear, choose from our wide array of liquid wax cleaners that will remove these stubborn stains. Best of all, these are economical to use - a small amount will eliminate the toughest of stains.

If you have no idea which materials to use for your wood floor maintenance project, we carry starter kits which are perfect for oil and hardwax oil wood floors. These kits make wood floor maintenance easy as they include the most important products including polishing pads, fibre cloths and a liquid wax cleaner.