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Furlong Wood Flooring Overview

Furlong wood flooring is a range of wood floors manufactured by Furlong Flooring (Southern) Ltd., a UK-based company certified to sell high quality oak flooring to make every Briton?s house a comfortable home.

The wood

Furlong wood flooring utilises hardwood sourced from Europe?s vast sustainable forests. It uses oak because it is very versatile for any contemporary home but has a light, smooth, and even grain for that ultimate rustic cottage feel that never goes out of style. Furlong Flooring uses techniques to process and enhance the wood allowing it to expand and contract with different temperatures for long lasting hardwood flooring. The surface of Furlong wood flooring is coated with oils, and ultraviolet cured lacquers to bring out the distinct characteristic of the wood and provide sheen and hue. The varnish protects and strengthens the Furlong wood flooring to protect it from sunlight and ordinary wear and tear.

The installation

Furlong wood flooring is installed through tongue and groove fitting technique to ensure that every piece of wood is intact and the entire floor strongly holds together. This technique is also a method to drive nails through the tongue and secure them on the side of the flooring board, thus, hiding them from view.
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