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Designer parquet

Designer Oak Parquet Wood Flooring ? Source Wood Floors

Oak parquet wood flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top coating is the wood species establishing the flooring surface when the flooring is already mounted.

For those who are new in floorings, Parquet wood flooring is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used to achieve a decorative effect. Oak parquet flooring patterns are mostly geometrical and angular, with Herringbone being the most popular.

Parquet wood flooring is often found in bedrooms and hallways. They are deemed to be better than regular floor tiles because they feel warmer underfoot compared to tiles which, most of the time, become cold most especially on night time. Oak parquet flooring also gives a clear-cut air of class and elegance to any space and can easily complement any wallpaper design or paint. Over time, parquet wood flooring has become a timeless addition to homes.

Quality parquet wood flooring at Source Wood

Here, we guarantee thatour parquet wood flooring collections aremanufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Source Wood collection can meet all sorts of styles depending on your room size and interior design preferences. For bigger rooms, we can go for specific wooden patterns in the middle with simple patterns on the remaining spaces. For smaller-sized rooms, a more minimalist oak parquet flooring pattern can work to add a sophisticated vibe to the room.

Aside from parquet wood flooring, we also design, craft, and supply unique wood and natural stone floor medallions, borders, and custom inlays.

Tradeline engineered lacquered herringbone parquet, parquet - unfinished prime grade oak, parquet - unfinished rustic oak, and parquet - engineered herringbone brushed whiteare just some of the best oak parquet flooring available in the market today. View our complete list of parquet wood flooring and find best wood flooring that fits your preference and lifestyle.