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Sika 52 acoubond

The Sika 52 Acoubond system is especially designed for wooden flooring that aims to reduce both ambient and impact noise. Sika 52 Acoubond is perfect for apartments, flats and any two-floor setup type of home with a room upstairs which needs noise shielding from the rooms below.

Installing the Sika 52 Acoubond system is very quick, and easy to do on your own without the services of an expert. Sika 52 Acoubond contains an underlay with slots already provided that can be used as a template for application of the adhesive. This results in less stress on the substrate as the compatible adhesive - which is made of elastic material - lessens traverse stress between the wood flooring and the sub flooring.

To compensate for any irregularities on the surface of the subfloor, the Sika 52 Acoubond system adhesive has been made especially thick, with a 3mm to 5mm underlay. Sika 52 Acoubond has been made to suit all kinds of flooring - even bamboo and beech - aside from the usual engineered and solid wood floors.