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Furlong Majestic Engineered Wood Flooring

The Furlong Majestic engineered wood flooring range brings you the most practical and stylish solution to give your home a very comfy look. This range has several milled single strip products that are either UV lacquered or UV oiled.
UV lacquered planks have a layer of coating that effectively sits on top of the wood and brings out the wood?s best characteristics and details. The Furlong Majestic Engineered wood flooring with lacquer finish includes Oak Rustic Lacquered. Contrary to lacquered, UV oiled planks have a thin coat of oil which penetrates into the wood and makes them a little bit reflective of light. UV oiled Furlong wood flooring includes the following :

  • Oak Rustic Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Wenge Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Light Grey Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Auburn Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Scandic Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Ivory Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Smoked Brushed & UV Oiled
Another unique feature of the Furlong Majestic engineered wood flooring range is its lock system as a floating floor. Setting it up does not need nails, glues, or staples. All that needs to be done is to lock each plank together and fold them into place. This lock system makes the entire floor bonded to itself rather than the subfloor. The Furlong Majestic engineered wood flooring is definitely seamless, tight, and perfect for DIY enthusiasts.