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Mont Blanc

Furlong Mont Blanc Engineered Wood Flooring

Furlong Mont Blanc engineered wood flooring can bring you a taste of the past with its several milled single strip planks. It offers a 20-year residential guarantee. This means that as long as the original end-purchaser remains as the owner of the house where Furlong wood flooring is installed, Furlong guarantees that the wood is of a particular marked quality, kind, grade, and free from defects in material or workmanship. Each plank is bevelled on all four sides, and is 20mm thick. Every plank has a 6mm nominal hardwood top and multiply base that makes the wood stable and durable. The wood is pre-finished with lacquer like the Oak Natural Lacquered. Others are coated with UV oil such as:

  • Titanium Brushed & White Oiled
  • Scandic Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Old English Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Limed Oak Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Antique Brushed & UV Oiled
  • Saw Cut Smoked Brushed & UV Oiled

Furlong wood flooring is designed to be glued as a floating floor. Therefore, it can be easily and quickly installed. Moreover, because the Furlong Mont Blanc engineered wood flooring does not attach to the subfloor, it is suitable for underfloor heating.

The techniques used to create the Furlong Mont Blanc engineered wood flooring may be contemporary but the hardwood will surely last beyond a lifetime.