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Funky Flooring

If you want to make designing your space fun and unique, choose from our selection of Funky Flooring - a range of wood floor design ideas that will surely capture your fancy! Go crazy, think outside the box - push the envelope and make any space your own with our Funky Flooring range. 

Funky Flooring is sourced from Germany and manufactured by Trending Laminates. These designs are not only unique but also highly durable and resistant to everyday abrasions and spills. Funky Flooring designs include Cruise Liner, Chateau Box Black, Rustic and White, Scribble, Blueprint, Cow, and Raj. Best of all, it comes with a 25-year guarantee for residential use and 5-year guarantee for commercial use.

So if you are looking for unique wood floor design ideas, think of Funky Flooring from Source Wood Floors. You can be sure that any space will immediately be transformed into something special - and even if you can't commit to filling an entire room, why not use them as accents? Either way, you can't go wrong with our Funky Flooring range.